by Christina Dodd

April 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-5619-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Christina Dodd has delighted readers with her stories reuniting three siblings from the scattered Prescott family. Now it is time to find the baby, Caitlyn, and bring her home.

Marilyn and Skeeter Montgomery thought there was something strange about the minister who ran the adoption agency, but their eagerness to have a child overrode their common sense. Holding that precious dark-haired little girl took all of their objections away. They had a daughter, Caitlyn, who they called Kate.

Twenty-three years later, Kate Montgomery finds herself back home. She doesnít know it of course, but her new job as the Capitol reporter for an Austin television station has created a full circle in her life. Having traveled all over the world with her parents, Kate is pleased to settle down in the same city as her widowed mother, and eager to prove her worth. Unfortunately, she has hostile co-workers and lecherous politicians to deal with. To make matters worse, she also has a stalker.

Teague Ramosí security firm is in charge of the Texas Capitol and the legislators who work inside its walls. When he is asked to help catch Kateís stalker, he is glad to help. Together they devise a plan that will keep them in constant contact without jeopardizing Kateís reputation - she will do a feature story on the enigmatic man behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, the stalker isnít the only one with a plan for Kate.

Close to You has plenty of action, and some serious sizzle for readers who like their heroes tall, dark and deadly. Kate is no wimp, either. She may be a pampered rich girl but she can take the heat. Whether itís kickboxing or playing mattress mambo, she has some pretty slick moves of her own.

For readers who have been following this lyrical series, named after popular songs, the reunion is especially heartwarming. For Hope, Pepper and their adopted brother Gabriel, finding Caitlyn is the culmination of years of persistent searching. With the families together at last, maybe their late parents will finally be at peace.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Paula.

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