by Kate Walker

January 2000
ISBN: 0-373-12082-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #2082
Mass Market Paperback

To say that Grace Vernon is shocked when Constantine Kiriazis shows up at a party being held by her friend Ivan is the understatement of the year. You see Grace and Constantine have a long history ending when Grace cancels their wedding. Grace begins to think that perhaps Constantine has changed and they can put the past behind them.

Constantine however has other plans. Graceís sudden cancellation of their wedding embarrassed him to no end and he intends to have Grace pay for his humiliation. He plans to seduce her and gain his way back into her life only to abruptly break things off with her. He wants her to feel the pain he felt two years ago and he is hungry for revenge.

As the two begin a new relationship Constantine soon begins to wonder if revenge is really what he is after or if he really wants Grace to be his forever instead.

Constantineís Revenge is a powerful story of raw emotion. It is refreshing to see the old story of being left at the alter told from a manís perspective instead of the usual womanís point of view. Ms. Walker has created two explosive characters in this story and readers will enjoy this twist in the telling of an old story from the male perspective. Constantineís Revenge is another powerful story from a gifted author.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Barbara.

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