by Kate Walker

November 2004
ISBN: 0-373-12432-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #2432
Mass Market Paperback

Rhys Morgan and his ex-wife Amelie split for good following his realization that she wasn’t willing to give him the thing he wants most in the world, a child. Their last attempt at a reconciliation made Rhys realize that Amelie was just staying with him because of his wealth not because she wanted to start a family with him.

Rhys has recently learned that his ex-wife has been killed in an auto accident and to his surprise that shortly before the fatal accident she gave birth to a daughter. Convinced that the child is his Rhys spares no expense in looking for the child and following months of searching has located her living with Caitlin Richardson, Amelie’s cousin. Determined to bring his daughter home Rhys sets off to confront the woman and claim his child.

Caitlin Richardson has suffered the ultimate humiliation when she discovers that her fiancé Josh is having an affair with her cousin Amelie right under her nose, Fleur, Amelie’s baby is the product of that affair. When Josh and Amelie are in a horrible auto accident that leaves Josh killed instantly and Amelie clinging to life, Caitlin finds herself promising her cousin that she will become guardian of young Fleur. When her cousin ultimately dies Caitlin does indeed become the child’s guardian.

Caitlin has moved home to Lake Windermere to help her father run his small hotel and he in turn can help her with Fleur. Having the child makes Caitlin feel close to Josh because even though the man betrayed her she is still very much in love with him.

Rhys comes to Lake Windermere as Michael Delaney and books a room at the hotel. He is determined to bring his daughter home at all costs even if it means seducing Caitlin to get to his daughter. Rhys never expects his emotions to get in the way of his master plan for finding his daughter and he never expects to have real feelings for Caitlin.

Kate Walker has created an emotional tale of a father’s desperate search for his child and a lonely woman clinging to the man she loves through that child. Caitlin and Rhys both only know half the truth and they are both willing to fight for this child that has become the most important thing in both their lives. Can they find room in their hearts for love and the common ground to become a family for little Fleur?

Their Secret Baby, Kate Walker’s 40th Harlequin Presents novel comes with all the emotion her readers have come to know from reading her books. She has a wonderful gift of showing the reader the emotions from both the hero and the heroine’s standpoint. Ms. Walker draws her reader into her stories and has them feeling all the highly charged emotions of her characters. Their Secret Baby is a perfect example of why Ms. Walker is considered one of the most popular authors writing for this line today.

Pick up a copy of Their Secret Baby and get ready to laugh and cry as you share Rhys, Caitlin and Fleur’s story.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Barbara.

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