by Susan Donovan

April 2005
ISBN: 0-312-99233-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Marketing executive Lucy Cunningham becomes front-page news when her company lands the new Palm Club account. In an effort to make the Palm Club the hottest fitness center in town the overweight Lucy is recruited to submit to a year of getting her life and her body in shape. The challenge is to lose 100 pounds in a year with the help of the Palm’s top personal trainer Theo Redmond. As a reward for their success both Theo and Lucy are to be given $1.000 for every pound Lucy loses in the year.

Both Theo and Lucy have a definite use for the money. Lucy longs to start her own marketing firm and Theo wants to go back to medical school. Will Theo’s plan for getting Lucy in shape really work? Will Lucy be able to stand the pressure of her monthly weigh in’s on the morning show with the whole city watching her progress or failure?

Susan Donovan has written a heartwarming and witty tale of a woman’s struggle to lose weight and get her life in order. Lucy has several issues in her life that have led her to be in the condition she is now in and Ms. Donovan does a splendid job of revealing those issues and having Lucy deal with them. Ms. Donovan also does a splendid job of showing Lucy’s feelings and insecurities as she begins to see Theo as more than just her trainer.

Theo Redmond has many responsibilities and issues of his own to resolve in this story and Ms. Donovan does a great job of also showing things from his point of view.

This book is a bit less light hearted than I am used to a book by Susan Donovan being, however her characters are as charming as ever and will find their way into your heart. Several interesting secondary characters also add richness to this tale, namely Theo’s young brother Buddy who will steal your heart and his best friend Tyson, also a personal trainer who begs for a story of his own.

Susan Donovan has once again created a realistic heartwarming tale that will leave her readers with a warm feeling after the last page has been turned. He Loves Lucy is another winner from an author whose star is on the rise.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Barbara.

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