by Diana Lee Johnson

February 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-070-6
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Ginny is a forty-year-old woman, twice married and divorced, feels her life is passing her by. She decides to visit a town where a re-enactment of the civil war takes place. Being a southerner she meets Jonathan, a young man in Sergeant uniform, and strikes up a friendship. She feels a bit guilty about how strong her attraction is to him, seeing that he is younger than she. Then a strange man her own age confronts her - he is dirty and unkempt and very frightened. He says his name is Robert and claims he is a colonel in the Southern army fighting in the civil war as if it were just taking place!! Ginny has to decide if he is telling the truth or deranged! But she is attracted to him, sees his innate handsomeness despite his unkempt appearance, and decides to help him.

The time travel element here is excellent! The portrayal of Robert's fear is very real as he goes about his new world bewildered and frightened - and dependent upon Ginny. Ginny is an appealing heroine - she is a woman searching for a role for herself and while she feels ready for a new relationship, she is unsure with whom it will be.

Robert really appealed to me; he was kind and handsome and it was so easy to want to be the person that comforted him! I could understand Ginny's attraction to him; yet also comprehend her disbelief in the story he told.

Diana Lee Johnson is a new author to me, but she had me immersed in the story right from the first chapter. She captured the spirit of the men and women who enjoyed reliving their heritage. When they gathered round the campfire singing the old songs, I could feel the atmosphere and felt transported there.

Ms Johnson brought out the characters of Robert and Virginia so much as the story progressed and I felt I knew them both. The passion and romance between them is awesome!

This book offers so much; a historical journey, a deep love - overall, an amazing tale. But I think you should get a copy and read it - you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed in February 2002 by Mary.

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