by Vivi Anna

October 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-211-1
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Into the Night two sexy little Halloween novellas by Vivi Anna. The only chills you will get from these beauties are the good>

Bad to the Bone

EMT Olivia Jordan answered a routine call on a routine night to help a gunshot victim. She had no idea that she would wake up to find her self chained to a wall. The heavily muscled dark haired man holding her captive, his insane story of werewolves in the city, and the brewing war between the two clans has Olivia questioning his sanity along with her own when she begins to believe him.


Newcomer and newly appointed sheriff to the town of Ravenís Bay, Alex Branwell already has a suspicious death to investigate. When it begins to look like murder, his major suspect is Anesa Crowley, the enchanting local witch. The only real question is will Alex be able to resist her bewitching charms and find the truth or will he succumb to her powerful allure?

Into the Night was very well written and charming, but each story seemed like the teaser for really good things to come. The taste of denied satisfaction is an unpalatable one, my friends. Vivid characterization and intriguing plots notwithstanding, the stories end a little too abruptly to be satisfying.

But donít take my word for it; see for yourself.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Cynthia.

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