by Eugenia Riley

November 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52588-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Buck Hollow, Colorado


Lucky Lamont hasnít been living up to his name that is for sure. Having discovered his girlfriend in bed with his supposed best friend, Lucky decides to teach them both a lesson with his Grandfatherís antique six shooter. Running from the law, Lucky ends up in the old ghost town of Mariposa, and is caught by his former girlfriendís brother, a dirty cop who decides to dispense his own kind of justice to Lucky for having tried to scare his sister. The deputy hogties Lucky and locks him in the old haunted stagecoach they both had come across in the ruins of Mariposa. Then he hurls the stagecoach down a ravine to Luckyís certain death. But when the deputy climbs down to the ledge the old stagecoach smashed on, there is no body! Where did Lucky disappear to?

Mariposa, Colorado


Cole Reklaw decides his brawling brood of five need a purpose in life other then getting thrown in the hoosegough every other night. He offers the lower five hundred acres to the first of his children who marries and has a baby. Molly, the youngest and only girl, is bound and determined that parcel of land will be hers. The best way of going about getting a groom is the same way her pa had gotten her mother, and that is by bushwhacking. Going to the same haunted ravine where her father found her mother a long time ago, Molly canít believe her eyes when the very same stagecoach from the future that brought her mother returns and inside of it is the most handsome hunk of man she has ever seen. This is him! The groom that destiny has sent back in time for Molly. Now all she has to do is convince Lucky of this! There is just one teensy problem; Lucky is one ticked off cowboy. He canít possibly be back almost a 100 years in the past as this crazy female and her nutty family are claiming! It is only all too real when Lucky succumbs to a passionate kiss with Molly and then finds himself staring down the barrel of Mollyís enraged País shotgun, forcing him to wed the she-devil!

A wild, hilarious, sexy romp to the past! Eugenia Rileyís Bushwhacked Groom is the most fun I have had reading in a long time! The sequel to her successful Bushwhacked Bride, it brings back that storyís hero and heroine and their whacky family and gives their feisty daughter, Molly, a hero she can claim for her own from the future. If you havenít read the first book donít worry; Bushwhacked Groom can stand on its own. Still, I am making it a priority to get my hands on the re-released Bushwhacked Bride just so I can continue the laughs and fun with the Reklaw clan!

Reviewed in November 2004 by Bonnie.

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