by Susan Edwards

November 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5333-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mathilda does everything in her power to hold her family together, in the good times and the bad. An accident on her wedding day took her sight and made her a young widow. With all that has happened to her in the past, she is strong and capable for anything the future holds. When her family finds themselves being threatened and in danger, she will stop at nothing to protect them.

Reed has been chasing a band of outlaws and trying to bring them all to justice. He feels this is one way to help him avenge of his past misdeeds. With a guilty conscience he finds himself wanting to protect Mathilda and help her see to the safety of her family. As he does this, he will also find himself falling for the determined, courageous woman.

White Deception is obviously a segment of the family tree. The stories are all connected in some way. However, a reader brand new to Susan Edwards works will not find themselves lost in the story because this does an excellent job of standing alone. Once you read this, you may find yourself hunting for the rest of the family tree.

A wonderful Indian romance, this story is full of action and sparks right away. From the first chapter to the last this novel will keep the reader turning the page, wondering who is behind all the attacks on the family. Keeping one there until the last page, it is somewhat of a shock when the truth comes out. Fast paced, with an eloquent love story, this was a very enjoyable read.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Katy.

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