by Delilah Devlin, Mardi Ballou, Judy Mays

October 2004
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Nibbles ĎNí Bits is a delicious erotic trio from three celebrated authors, Judy Mays, Mardi Ballou, and Delilah Devlin. The stories are hot, steamy, and filled with sensuous bites of pleasure.

In Rednecks Ďní Roses, Judy Mays introduces her readers to Amber, a young woman who after being downsized from her job, has turned to writing erotic literature. When Amberís aunt dies and leaves her a house outside of the city, Amber heads to the country. At first she is shocked to find a dead body in her bathtub, but when she learns the man is not dead, merely a vampire, she is ecstatic. A real life vampire is exactly what Amber needs to liven up her writing.

The vampire, Rusty Nipple, isnít anything like Lestat in Anne Riceís Interview with A Vampire. He isnít suave and sophisticated; heís a redneck who pisses of the porch and refuses to drink human blood. Amber is determined to give Rusty an extreme vampire makeover, but before sheís done, she may realize that Rusty is exactly the way she wants him.

Mardi Ballouís Fangs Ďní Foxes takes place in Trenton, New Jersey. There, Darnell DeLouis, the leader of the Black Guards vampires, is about to enter a one-on-one battle with Vinny Miccio, the leader of a rival vampire gang, the Costa Nostras. Even though the battle makes very little sense, Darnell is determined to fight. He has worked too hard to get to where he is to have anyone take it from him, but when he falls in love with LaLilia Guitry, a peace loving tooth fairy, Darnell must make a choice between love and war.

Delilah Devlinís Frannie Ďní the Private Dick finds Francesa Valentine wishing she had followed her motherís advice and not gotten involved with her fiancť Vinnie Ricchione. After catching Vinnie with his secretary, Francesca encounters Niall Keegan, a taxi driver who is much more than he seems. He is actually a vampire who earns a living as a private detective. When Francesca walks out in front of a bus, Niall realizes that the only way to save her is by making her a vampire like himself. It is an added bonus that he happens to be passionately in love with her.

Nibbles ĎNí Bits is a tantalizing pleasure that is sure to cause quite a few heart palpitations. Put the kids to bed, grab a nice bottle of wine, and give yourself a big bite of something wonder Ė this yummy collection from Judy Mays, Mardi Ballou, and Delilah Devlin.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Natasha.