by Delphyne DeRouge, Denyse M. Bridger, Megan Hart, Lani Aames, Isabella Jordan

October 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-288-X
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Blood Songs by Delphyne Derouge.

Seaton is a centuries old vampire who has owned The Sanguine Lair, a club that caters to vampires, for centuries. While scooping the increasing crowds at The Lair, his attention is drawn to one woman in the masses; he wants her with a fierce passion. Ghislaine is a vampire with secrets. But that doesn’t stop her from capturing the heart of the longest lived rogue in centuries. A terrible specter from Seaton`s past threatens their love. Will Ghislaine and Seaton be able to forgive each other as nasty secrets are revealed?

Monster in the Closet by Megan Hart

What would you do if you found a naked man in your closet who was trying to scare you? Well, since Tessa is sure that this is an erotic dream, she wants to attack the poor fellow. Turns out that the monster in her closet won’t scare her to death, he’ll love her to death. Magnus is a Fae-in-training. He has worked his way up to ‘monster-in-the-closet’ status. His dream job is to become an incubus. However, the trial for an incubus is to perform a seduction that changes someone’s life. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Moonstoned by Lani Aames

A carefree jaunt to the local flea market brings the past crashing back to Riviera. As the fates would have it, the beautiful moonstone necklace that called to her was at the booth of her ex-lover Erich. Five years ago, Erich had been the classic “love `em and leave `em” kind of person. He had abandoned Riviera for a new town, another race and more women. Erich doesn`t know how to explain to Riviera why he left all those years ago, but he’s going to have to find a way to try. Only she can break the curse that has been placed on his family. He`s come back for her, to tell her his secret, only to find that she has a significant secret of her own.

Sister Moon by Isabella Jordan

Walker Ince is too distraught over his young daughters fight with cancer to care if the successful private investigating business that he has built fails. Likewise, he wants nothing to do with the sinister potential client who is waiting for him when he returns to the office for paperwork. However, Julian Beart is offering a deal that Walker cannot refuse. The man is offering a miracle for his daughter’s recovery. All Walker has to do is find a woman, and convince her to return the man’s necklace, before the full moon three days hence. Emma Hurst, born a werewolf, resents that fact that she must guard the talisman. She is the last of her line, so the responsibility fell to her. She has to convince this grieving father that Julian wants the talisman for nefarious reasons, and that Julian will only perform acts of great evil with the talisman back in his hands.

The Hunt by Denyse M. Bridger

Nicholas and Callandra have been lovers for untold decades. They spice their vampiric love life with games; games that revolve around their undying lust for one another. In this game, the hunt is all. The prize is each other; the stakes are too high for one audacious inebriated young man.

Creatures of the Night is a thrilling, exotic anthology where the things that go bump in the get bumped back in a most pleasurable way. Blood Songs is a jump into betrayal and forgiveness. Monster in the Closet features a most bewildered Fae who has met his match in the assertive Tessa. Moonstoned, perhaps my favorite story, made my heart aches for Walker’s ongoing tragedy. Sister Moon, another tale of werewolves had me spellbound. I absolutely love the interaction between Erich and Riviera. The Hunt is a quick thriller. Eons of life with the one you love would become mundane enough to need the spice of change. This five story anthology is worth its weight in gold. Run, don’t walk, to buy Creatures of the Night and sleep with the light on.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Jodi.