by Rebecca York

January 2005
ISBN: 0-425-19995-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Johnny Marshall, brother to Ross and Adam whose stories were told in previous books, has made a mess of his life. When he wakes up half dead after a bar brawl and realizes someone’s going to try and pin a murder on him he didn’t commit, he hits the road. Eight years later, with the new moniker and new persona of Sam Morgan, he’s an environmental crusader targeting individuals or corporations who destroy the earth for their own gain. He fits in perfectly with the well to do, and though they think he’s there to support their cause, his real reason is to steal from them. As an accomplished thief he enjoys taking something of sentimental value from them, just because he can.

Sam’s latest target is lumber baron Wilson Woodlock. He investigated the man, his home and his family, but nothing prepared him for the reaction he has when he meets Olivia Woodlock face-to-face. Both are caught off guard by their instant attraction, and both are equally determined to ignore that attraction. Olivia’s done some investigating of her own, with the help of her computer savvy brother, and has decided that Sam is perfect for a job she needs done. Someone stole a much needed item from her family and she’s desperate to get it back.

Sam and Olivia are both keeping their share of secrets from each other, despite their mutual attraction and their growing feelings for the other. How will Olivia react when she finds out that Sam is really a werewolf? And how will Sam feel when he finds out about the bizarre family traits the Woodlock’s have kept secret for generations?

When the stakes are raised, Sam contacts his brother Ross for the first time in eight years. Together they, along with a few other people Sam can trust, come up with a plan to retrieve the item the Woodlocks are desperate for, and to stop the man who will go to any lengths to get revenge on those he blames for making his life miserable as a child.

Although this reader enjoyed Crimson Moon, it wasn’t my favorite of the ‘Moon’ series. While I didn’t have any difficulty accepting the werewolf aspect of the story, I found other parts too fantastical to accept. Fortunately these parts were only a small portion of the story. For fans of this series you will enjoy reuniting with Ross and finding out how he and his other siblings are faring since their stories were told.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Jackie.

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