by Sahara Kelly

October 2004
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Sex in the city for the urban fairy.

Ripple Smith, party-girl urbanite awakens from a night of clubbing and a mutiny of ‘mile-high club’ atop the Empire State Building to find she is nowhere near Lady Liberty, let alone Kansas. Freaky winds transported the brash young fairy to the vineyards of France and smack dab in the middle of some confusing—and arousing—political maneuvering.

Completely out of her depth, Ripple soon finds herself in the arms of Philippe Pinot Noir, one strong robust vintage. Right away Ripple knows he’s a keeper but politics in the vineyard may keep them from getting any closer to finding out if they can go the distance. Just when Ripple’s found the man who makes her wings quiver, the two of them may be separated by a boring tradition.

Laugh out loud funny Wingin’ It is for those who love a good belly laugh. The cast of quirky mouthy characters are utterly appealing and will make you want to visit with them often. If you are looking for a typical fairy tale you are out of luck. If you are looking for a fairy who is not afraid to shake her …wings then buckle up and don’t drink anything before you start reading.


Reviewed in December 2004 by Cynthia.

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