by Christina Bartolomeo

November 2004
ISBN: 0-312-32088-4
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Snowed In by Christina Bartolomeo is set in Portland, Maine. It is the story of married couple, Paul Stoddard and his wife Sophie Quinn.

When they agreed to leave everything familiar in Washington D.C. for the move to Portland, it was supposed to be just for a year. They knew the experience would be one they wouldnít soon forget. Neither of them however could have anticipated how much of a change the move would precipitate.

Sophie, who at the beginning of Snowed In was even reluctant to confront the landlord to demand adequate heating, is the by the end of the story a woman who is unsure which direction her life will take, but strong and more than ready to face each new challenge which is surely headed her way.

Paul, whose job takes him out of the house daily, is worried about Sophie not socializing. He is very encouraging when she joins a walking group, but not as encouraging as Sophie slowly evolves into her new persona.

As the new Sophie slowly emerges from the cocoon of the old Sophie she begins to feel her marriage is in trouble, but believes it can and should be saved Howeve,r as she feels the gap between her and Paul growing ever larger, she wonders if thereís something she might have missed out on her past. In order for her to move forward into her future sheís going to have to confront that past head on.

Itís on that journey that she begins to gather her strength for whatever her future may hold. Itís her early arrival home that forces her final journey into her new self. Sheís ready now to face the future whatever that may be. She knows it wonít be easy, but her once non assertive self is now blending with an assertive side she didnít know she had, and a wealth of strength and determination is ready to be unleashed.

Ms. Bartolomeo did a wonderful job of portraying Sophie as a woman who matures as the course of her year in Portland passes. You wonít find yourself pitying Sophie, but rather rejoicing with her as she learns about herself, and discovers a side of herself she didnít know she had.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Sandi.

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