by Vicki M. Taylor

March 2002
ISBN: 1-58495-492-2
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If you know that the phrase “March Madness” means more than the actions of some deranged rabbits in the spring, then you’re ready for Vicki M. Taylor’s short story of the same name. Vicki mixes hoops with hoop-la to great effect – not only is there a dash of madness in the blend, but mayhem and mountains of masculinity as well.

Ok, I’ve used up my “M” words – now to the story. This is one spicy little hot pepper of a tale! Undercover cop Laurel is in hot pursuit of a killer – sexy Matt is a basketball fan! The problem for Laurel is that she finds Matt a heck of a lot more interesting than the Final Four, but the killer has identified himself as a basketball fan too! What’s a cop to do?

Laurel and Matt are the perfect couple – sparks sizzle and pop from the moment he touches her. He’s a gentleman, which she appreciates, even though she’s wondering how to stop being a lady! Laurel’s dilemma is almost painful! Anyone who has had to make a tough choice about a guy can feel for her.

The suspense is well maintained, given that this is a short story; and although there are a limited amount of suspects, the final revelation wasn’t a complete giveaway. Vicki Taylor manages to get a lot of action into a few pages – all the elements of a great romantic suspense tale are present and accounted for!! A really great treat for any romance fan’s PDA – and an excellent story for reading courtside before that first whistle blows!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Celia.

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