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October 2004
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This is an e-book that Iím certainly glad didnít slip past me as it is one of the best Iíve read so far. Iíd have a hard time saying whether story one by Kate Hill or story two by Denise A. Agnew is my favorite because they were both so extraordinary.

Kate Hill took us back to the Vietnam era with her story His Sister's Kiss. Angela Christine Franco lives a quiet life raising her brotherís daughter since he left for his tour in Vietnam where he eventually died.

The day she opens the door up to a tall marine named Abraham Marley Forbes, her quiet life will take quite a turn. Abraham was with her brother in the prison camp where he died. His intent is to pay Angela a quick visit, assure himself that she and her niece are okay and then be on his way. However the instant attraction that envelops both of them turns his quick visit into something more.

The master sergeant ends up charming both Kate and Polly as he takes the time to listen to them and answer any questions they might have regarding his experiences. I think I had fallen in love with him myself by the time he got done with this part.

When a bad storm moves in, Abe volunteers to drive the ladies to Kateís parents for Christmas and gets a chance to see just why his friend didnít want them raising his daughter. Once the meal is over, Kate quickly prepares to leave as Polly is going to spend the weekend with her grandparents. This opens up the perfect opportunity for things to progress when Abe takes Kate home.

I was especially touched with how Abe handled Kateís innocence at this point in the book and in the coming pages. This story is plenty hot but also a tender romance that will leave the reader wishing for a happy ending for all involved.

I quickly finished up this story and started right into Major Pleasure by Denise A. Agnew, which was just as great a story as the first. Agnew does one of my favorite storylines where the little sister falls in love with her brotherís best friend.

Major Blayne Forbes has returned to Fort Carson army post after a four-month deployment. His body is in serious need of some rest and relaxation but Blayne decides that can come after he goes by the base and sees his best friend Graham Teagan. Graham always seems to put his mind at ease. However it isnít Graham that he runs into when he steps out of the Ford Focus that afternoon.

Jemma Teagan was one hot woman, but he has always been able to keep his attraction at bay and remember that sheís Grahamís little sister. Jemma, of course, feels the same flames of attraction for him but sheís way tired of being ignored because of who her brother is. Jemma quickly realizes that Blayne isnít well and she tells him that sheíll give him a ride back to his apartment. What she didnít tell him was that she was going to give him the ride of his life.

At the apartment, they come to a decision to enter into a strictly no strings type relationship that will fulfill both their battling libidos. This story was another spicy one however it is obvious that these two are fighting something a little stronger than the physical attraction that has them burning up the sheets.

This particular story has a wonderful scene that takes place in front of a window where anyone looking up could see in. I found this to be very enticing myself.

Unfortunately for me the anthology fell a little flat when I reached the third story, Charming Annie by Arianna Heart. This is a fast paced action story that will certainly satisfy certain readers however I felt after the first two stories in the anthology, that it just didnít quite fit.

It takes place in Walter Reed Army Medical Center where Major Anne Forbes is just entering the building only to see her car explode in the parking lot behind her. In moments some dangerous looking men in black with assault rifles have taken over the building.

Suddenly before she can take in all the commotion around her, she is grabbed from behind and pulled away from the door. Aviator Mason OíKeefe has to quickly explain who he was before Annie can do her best to escape from his clutches. Once the two realize they are on the same side, things start moving fast.

From ventilation vents to closets, these two will sneak through the building trying to figure out a way to set of some type of diversion that will lure the bad guys away so they can help the rest of the people in the hospital. Of course along the way they end up getting into some pretty tight areas where they take advantage of the moment. I found this to be a little far fetched. Iím not so sure if I was in a life or death situation that I would be wanting to have sex in a closet.

Iíll let you read the rest of this story yourself and make up your own mind. However the anthology as a whole was certainly a very pleasant way to spend the evening. I laid down the book and quickly added books by Agnew and Hill to my ever-growing wish list.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Shelby.

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