by Kay Hooper, Iris Johansen, Fayrene Preston

November 2004 Reissue
ISBN: 0-553-80287-9
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If you are a true Delaney, you will see images in a mirror which has been in the Delaney family for generations.

Christmas Past by Iris Johansen.

Even though Kevin Delaney has heard all his life about this mirror, he has never seen the mirror. To him, the stories he heard are just tall tales, until one day when he meets a gypsy woman, Zara St. Cloud, rummaging through his attic looking for this mirror.

Zara came half-way across the country to locate this mirror, she needs to know if she is really and truly a Delaney, she finds and sits in front the mirror for hours, hoping and praying she will see images.

Will the mirror reveal to Zara a future with Kevin? Or will it just show her, her own reflection?

Christmas Present by Fayrene Prestion.

Bria Delaney has never known true love. As she joins her parents at the family ranch in Arizona for Christmas, she stumbles across the famed mirror. She sees images in it, a strange man who is kissing her, and she is somewhat shocked and surprised to see this, especially since she does not recognize the man.

Kells Braxton is visiting Bria’s parents at the ranch to finalize a business agreement with Bria’s father. He has some angry feelings towards the Delaney’s which he tries to hide. Bria meets him at the ranch, and is surprised to discover that he is the man she saw in the mirror!

Will Bria finally have the true love she has longed for? Or will she be denied love once again?

Christmas Future by Kay Hooper.

Brett Delaney has come home to the ranch in Arizona. He left many years before after seeing images in the mirror which shook him to his core, and he swore he never would return. After the death of his father, he received the infamous mirror in the mail. It once again showed him images, this time of the Delaney ranch burning. He knew he had to go home and try to prevent this image from becoming reality.

The woman who betrayed him years ago, is still at the ranch. The image he saw showed that she was going to marry his father. Even after all this time, Brett finds he is still in love with her.

Will Brett be able to forgive her for what she did? Will he also be able to save the ranch from the fate the mirror showed him?

This collection of stories has not been available for a decade. Once again, these three lovely stories will delight, charm, and entertain the reader.

This reviewer recommends this book.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Pat.