by Jane Sigaloff

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89508-9
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Trade Paperback

No dream wedding is beyond Jessica James’ capabilities, not even the one of society’s most eligible bachelor, Jack Carlisle, and his girl next-door bride, Emma. With that one in the bag, Jessica knows that she can deliver any wedding…except for her own.

After eight happy years with Nick, on the very day of her wedding, Jessica decides that she’s not quite sure about marriage so she skips the church and goes on her honeymoon solo. Two weeks later, realizing the size of her mistake, Jessica returns to town only to discover that Nick has started dating her former assistant, Rosie. Not only is Jessica not getting married, but she’s also homeless since Nick is living in the house the two of them once shared.

Jessica moves in with her sister Sharon and becomes bosom buddies with Emma who’s actually fallen in love with her new husband. Speaking of husbands, Sharon is very happy with her husband Simon until she finds out that maybe she and Simon aren’t really married at all. Meanwhile, Jessica’s best friend and Nick’s sister, Fiona, has finally met Mr. Right and has agreed to marry him. The marriage will take place if Fiona can just get past Nick standing alone at the altar. In the center of all this is Jessica. Somehow, she has to realize that there is no technical hitch that can destroy love.

Raise your glasses up and once again toast Jane Sigaloff. Sigaloff, the author of Lost and Found has created another delightful novel, Technical Hitch. It is a witty, engaging romance that will have readers clamoring for more of Sigaloff.

Jessica James is a vibrant multi-dimensional woman. Even with her confusing and sometimes irritating logic, Jessica still comes across as a delightful mix of Bridgett Jones and Shopaholic. She’s the kind of friend that you want to slap, but you don’t because if she stopped coming around, your life would be simply awful.

Newlyweds out of need but husband and wife out of love, Emma and Jack are a charming pair. My only argument with this novel lies in the fact that Emma and Jack are too big for such a small role. They were truly worthy of their own novel.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Natasha.

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