by Kate Douglas

November 2001
ISBN: 1-84360-095-1
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The act of love has to be the most intimate experience two humans can share! In Lionheart, Kate Douglas asks us to consider what it would be like if the mind could be laid as bare as the body while making love! Would it make a difference to our perceptions of, and guidelines for, such intimacy?

Mara Armand is an enormously talented empath who has achieved the impossible – a mind link with an alien! Captain Sander of Mirat is an Explorer, one who pilots his craft throughout the Galaxy on a mission of scientific exploration and discovery. While orbiting Earth, Mara and Sander make contact, and before long, the contact becomes amazingly sensual. Unfortunately, Earth is still troubled by the “If I don’t know them, I’d better kill them” school of government, and when Sander’s ship crashes, he is fortunate that Mara rescues him and ensures his temporary safety in her research compound. Now Mara and Sander can touch each other with their hands as well as their minds, and their sexuality reaches new levels as they begin a mutually fulfilling exploration of their feelings for each other.

Mara and Sander are a splendidly loving and sensual couple! Their heat jumps off the screen and into the reader’s heart! Mara’s intelligence and empathic talents are balanced by her need for Sander’s love; Sander has the ability to give of himself unstintingly when it comes to satisfying Mara, but he’s a bit hesitant to give her what she wants most – his heart. Sander, in spite of the fact that he's an alien (please note, Ms Douglas, the erotic possibilities of that tail!!) is a great hero! He’s funny, charming, warm – in more ways than one – and possessed of incredible telepathic talents. Yet the problems and worries that plague him are not alien at all – he’s scared, alone, afraid of never being able to go home, and cautious about actually admitting he’s in love with Mara. It seems that all sentient species share some basic insecurities – these characteristics simply make Sander more endearing to us as humans, and to Mara in particular.

There’s a lovely plot going on as a backdrop to Mara and Sander’s love affair, and the secondary characters help to round out this entrancing science fiction romance to its natural completion. While this is certainly hot enough to be categorized as erotica, I must add how happy I am that Ms. Douglas took the “romance” portion of the genre seriously and blessed Mara and Sander with a heaping helping of love! It adds a depth to their intimacies that is missing in many “erotic” romances. I understand there are more books coming in this series – I certainly recommend this one, and will be keeping an eye open for future StarQuest novels!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Celia.

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