by Anthology

February 2005
ISBN: 0-312-32877-X
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Trade Paperback

Four prolific authors: Brenda Jackson, Joylynn Jossel, Kayla Perrin, and Tamara Sneed, contribute steamy, erotic love stories for this anthology, which will --- no doubt --- have reader fans looking for more of each author’s work.

In Brenda Jackson’s The Hunter, Hunter Sloan is thrown off guard when a past love comes back into his life unexpectedly. But she’s not there to renew their affair because she only wants his help. When his passion threatens to overwhelm him, Hunter is left reconsidering his “no commitments” stand. Mallory Standish is everything a man could want in a woman, and Hunter realizes he wants her --- permanently. Now all he has to do is convince Mallory!

Joylynn Jossel’s Just Wanna Love Ya, best friends Jai and Rissa attend their ‘ritual’ Friday night outing at the singles bar/bistro Club Cream. Even with ‘man-hunting’ on their agenda, Jai never expects to meet the man of her dreams in too-sexy Sloan. When he shows his desire to want to be with her, Jai willingly embarks on an erotic journey into a relationship that will turn out to be a ‘forever kind’ --- not just the ‘all-night’ one she preferred.

Kayla Perrin’s Never Satisfied, Amani Milforld has --- constantly --- fantasized about her senior year English teacher, Aaron Hayes, for years. Even though their age difference wasn’t that much, Aaron had kept her at a distance. When he walks into the shop where she works, Amani feels like all her erotica dreams are about to become reality. Aaron has a proposition for Amani; he wants her to come to the writing class he teaches. Hesitant at first, Amani soon realizes that she doesn’t dare miss this perfect opportunity to finally get her man --- and to be ‘finally satisfied’.

Tamara Sneed’s Fantasy Man, Olivia Hawkins reluctantly agrees to be PR to Hollywood’s proclaimed, “current sexiest man alive”, Clark Stone. Her opinion of Clark is nothing short of contempt, but her body disagrees and she tries hard to cover her physical attraction to him. Clark isn’t too excited about having to spend so much time with Olivia --- she’s not the type of woman he usually goes for but his physical attraction to her threatens to overwhelm him. It’s only inevitable that erotic sparks are about to fly!

Although good stories, this anthology is not for readers who prefer the standard love story. The erotica is extreme and abundant. But reader fans of this genre will enjoy every steamy page!

Reviewed in January 2005 by Kari.

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