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November 2004
ISBN: 1-933157-00-3
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Trade Paperback

The Illustrated Woman, by Elizabeth Angus--Remy Martin decides to celebrate the big three – 0 by getting a tattoo. The decision was far from spontaneous. Remy gave it a great deal of thought before she made her way to Rip’s Parlor. Only she didn’t expect to find the man of her dreams in the owner of the tattoo parlor.

Both short and sweet, Ms. Angus’ contribution to the Love at Large anthology is nonetheless quite satisfying. Readers are sure to be charmed by the talented Elizabeth Angus.

A Work of Art, by Judy Bagshaw--Accomplished artist Darby Marshall is impetuous. Which is why she finds herself sitting at a craft sale as a favor to her parent’s neighbor. When a customer saves Darby from the arrogant woman by purchasing a few of her creations, she is surprised when he asks for art lessons. Surprises are not all that is in store for Darby where Martin Thomas is concerned.

Author Judy Bagshaw offers her own work of art in this second part of Love at Large. A strong heroine and an intriguing hero are the showpiece that will enchant the reader.

Dirty Laundry, by Jennifer Henderson--Too many people had treated Lauren Giles badly in her thirty years, including her ex-husband. When a ‘stepped-right-off-of-a-romance-cover-god’ walked into the laundry room of her apartment building Lauren was inspired to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on Dr. James Brandt.

Ms. Henderson brings a delectable apéritif to the scrumptious feast. A heroine we can all relate to and a hero we all dream about are the sweet indulgences every reader of romance orders.

A Change in Direction, by Nancy Trausch--Jade Reynolds is beginning a new chapter in her life on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. Rick Montgomery is the pilot taking her there. He’d hung up his dating hat two years ago after his wife passed away. Falling in love again was not in his schedule. Then he met Jade and his intentions took a turn in another direction.

Author Nancy Trausch has added a heartwarming tale to Love at Large. Readers will enjoy this journey of the healing power of love.

An Unforgettable Kiss, by Eileen Wilson--A radio deejay has Fallon O’Shea thinking of her first kiss and the one who shared it with her: Marcus Carson. She couldn’t help but wonder, what would he think of the grown up Fallon?

Marcus heard the same deejay and the same memories flooded through his mind as those that were filling Fallon’s. Where would they be now if he and Fallon had kept in touch?

Unforgettable is a perfect word to describe Eileen Wilson’s donation to this highly enjoyable anthology. Every reader has their own ‘what-if’ that haunts their memories, which is why this story is sure to touch the hearts of those who read it.

Passion Unmasked, by BBW Romance Writing--Francesca D’Amore has an opportunity to shine at a Colonial Ball and there is one man in particular she wants to see in attendance. Jake McCabe has every woman fawning after him, but there is only one woman he desires.

Love at Large is an anthology of plus-sized women finding their true loves. The authors offering these wonderful installments prove that when it comes to matters of the heart love has no measure.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Rho.

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