by Cathy Yardley

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89509-7
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Trade Paperback

PJ lives a nomad`s dream. No rent, no utilities, no superfluous possessions; all she needs are a few friends with couches willing to take her in for the night. She defines her accommodations by who has the most comfy couch. PJ is employed (if not gainfully), she is a punter, a substitute DJ, for local clubs. Her spin catches the ear of the world famous DJ (with long reaching contacts) Jonathan Hadeis. He wants to be her manager; he knows she has the talent to go far. She`s going to have to trust a virtual stranger and trust comes hard to PJ.

Leslie is the personals editor at a minor Bay Area newspaper. In order for her long time boyfriend Rick to consider marriage, she has to become successful in her field of employment. A bit of groveling and she has the opportunity to write a feature article. It needed to be something hip and edgy. The only thing that put her on edge at all was when Rick`s friend Sticky had sent a DJ friend of his home with them; apparently, she made it a practice to sleep on couches. A few phone calls and she has PJ within her grasp. Now to turn it into an article; the article that her entire future would be based on.

At nineteen years old, Samantha knows what she wants and is used to using her looks to get it. She’s an aspiring model with too many curves for the local runways. What she needs is someone who has the contacts to get her in front of the right people. She latches onto Jonathan Hadeis at a party and, will wonders never cease, he is not completely bowled over by her charm. She needs to find another way to worm her way into his good graces. That`s when she notices his intense interest in that mousy little DJ…PJ. Samantha decides that the way to Jonathan`s interest is through PJ.

PJ gave up the life that she`d always known for her new footloose and fancy-free life. All she wanted was to spin, and make it as a DJ. Now she has more than one person ingratiating themselves to her for one reason or another. Can she make it to where she needs to be or will others` need to thrive drown her out?

Couch World is a quirky, hip and totally original story. Having never read anything like this, I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed my peek into PJ`s underground, edge-of-your-seat life. This book is fast paced and filled with subplots. Leslie is a passive personality, almost to the point of being a welcome mat for her overgrown playboy fiancé Rick. Samantha is a spoiled rotten Delilah. At nineteen she`d rarely been denied what she wanted and the way she used Sticky just to get information or to get into clubs will make you want to smack her. PJ is the embodiment of the phrase `Still waters run deep`. Throughout the whole book you wonder why she gave up her life and home to become basically homeless. Jonathan`s protectiveness toward PJ is endearing. Couch World is filled with an off the hook cast of wacky characters that will not soon be forgotten. I look forward to seeing what Cathy Yardley comes up with next.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Jodi.

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