by Lynn Kerstan

November 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21248-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Lynn Kerstan begins her new historical trilogy with a summons and an invitation to Paradise.

Lord Dering, estranged from his family, places his comfort in the hands of Dame Fortune, and it appears that his luck has turned. He has liquidated everything he had left and on this night, his gambling appears to be inspired. Not only is he on the verge of winning a very large sum of money, but it appears that the Duchess of Sarne may be interested in some late-evening companionship.

When he finally returns to his own apartment, Dering receives a mysterious summons, commanding him to meet at a designated location to discuss a dangerous mission. When he fails to appear, the secretive group that contacted him arrives on his doorstep. It seems that his scurrilous reputation makes him the perfect candidate for infiltrating Paradise, a private gaming establishment known for its isolation and exclusive clientele. The Black Phoenix organization needs inside information about some of the more extreme activities that may be taking place. Dering is told that he will be contacted by another associate upon his arrival.

The rewards offered by the group are too great for Dering to pass up. Besides, what man doesn’t want to spend time at Paradise? When he discovers that his partner is the lovely Gaetana, a Gypsy dancer, he is doubly pleased. How much is really at stake in their Dangerous Deceptions?

Readers will delight in this new book by the talented Ms. Kerstan. The plot twists and turns like a serpent. The characters are deeply drawn, with mysteries and hidden facets that keep us on our toes. The book is fast-paced and danger lurks in unexpected places. Thankfully, the novel also has a definite ending, so that it is complete as a stand-alone read, but whets our appetites for the next installment.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Paula.

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