by Holly Lisle

November 2004
ISBN: 0-451-41175-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Phoebe Rain is sure she has escaped her ex-husband this time, as she has left him lying in a coma many states away. Her new life may be lonely and she may have to count her pennies more often than before, but at least she is safe. That is until the telephone rings…

Part of her logical mind tries to tell Phoebe that it can’t possibly be Michael on the other end of the line, but when she remembers the nightmare he made of her previous life, she knows that anything is possible. It is only when the vision of a little girl appears to her and tells her to go find her daddy that Phoebe knocks on her next-door neighbors door.

Dr. Alan McKerrie's life is lonely too. He is trying to live his life the only way he knows how after losing his wife and daughter in an automobile accident. Normally he would listen to someone like Phoebe’s story and then slam the door in her face however, the fact that he thinks he has seen his dead daughter twice over the last few days makes him stop and listen. Could his daughter be coming back to warn he and Phoebe of danger?

As Alan quickly becomes involved in the nightmare that is Phoebe’s life, passion will quickly erupt between the two. For those of you who enjoy a good bit of spicy romance along with your suspense, there are several scenes that you should really enjoy. However, I found the mounting tension caused by the threats to Phoebe’s life to be what held my attention throughout the story.

After a bit of flip-flopping where Alan can’t decide whether he should believe Phoebe or not, eventually he will realize that the twisted monster that calls himself Michael can twist everything to his advantage in his desperate attempt to end Phoebe's life. The last few chapters are pretty action packed and several of the puzzles that arose in the beginning of the book will be solved as Alan and Phoebe prove that sometimes the good guys do win.

This was my first read by Holly Lisles and while I found some of the paranormal elements of this story a bit much to handle, I enjoyed the storyline and how I was left wondering throughout the entire book, what was really going on. While this book wasn’t a five star for me, it was still a good read and I would pick up another book by this author.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Shelby.

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