by Elizabeth Minogue

November 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19920-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Prince Florian, exiled rightful heir to the throne of Venya, has one aim: to free his people from the tyrannical rule of usurper king Richard. But his people are losing faith in their prince. He has gained a reputation as a gold-greedy pirate, which has weakened support for his crusade. The hero of a thousand songs and poems, Florian is just a man, hardened, cynical and rapidly running out of time when he meets a most unexpected new ally in his enemyís niece. Is she friend or foe?

Rosamund of Valinor escapes her island prison to seek out the one man who can save her from her uncle Richard, the legendary Prince of Venya. However, the man she meets is not the hero of legend but a man who has known betrayal, failure, and too much pain. She knows he suspects she is mad as well as a spy, although neither opinion matters since so much is at stake. She will risk anything to thwart Richardís plans.

Working together Florian and Rose learn more about Richardís greedy plans and each other.

Elizabeth Minogue a.k.a Elizabeth English turns her talented pen towards the intriguing world of fantasy romance only this one has a twist; itís also a historical. While it had a bit of a slow start, the pace of The Prince quickly gained momentum. Magic, seduction, and action will keep you easily engaged.


Reviewed in December 2004 by Cynthia.

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