by Linda Francis Lee

October 2004
ISBN: 0-345-46272-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Iíve been patiently waiting, yeah right, for the second book to come out so I could get my hands on it. I finally had my hands wrapped around Sinfully Sexy and just could not put it down. Sinfully Sexy is Chloeís story, and what a story it is.

Chloe wasnít too sure about herself. Her grandmother had died and left the house to Chloe, but to Chloe, it didnít feel like her home. It still felt like her grandmother's. She wanted to make a change, to break away from the prim and proper, plain Chloe. Chloe didnít do anything wild or out of the ordinary. She wanted to change that and decided the party at the hotel, the one she had to attend on behalf of the station, was the perfect place. Of course, the dress that Julia sent over helped her with the sexy part along with the make-up and a different hairstyle.

In walks, well runs into is more like it, Sterling Prescott as he is leaving the hotel. Chloe runs into him during a wind gust when neither one of them can see anything at all. Only there is a problem; Chloe falls and ends up with some scrapes and cuts. Luckily, this nice gentleman helps her. Well, he more than helps her with the scrapes and cuts as things get out of hand in the ladies bathroom of the hotel. They donít know the other's name, and Chloe is thankful for that.

This is just the beginning of the book. The heat and attraction between Sterling and Chloe is there from the very beginning and them acting on it to the very end. Sterling is in El Paso, Texas for two reasons, to acquire KTEX and bring his brother Ben back home. Things donít work out that way especially when Sterling is mistaken for Trey Tanner, who was suppose to be there to help the tv station, not acquire it. He lets the mistaken identity stand especially after hearing what Chloe says and feels about Sterling Prescott.

Of course, we canít forget the other reason Sterling was there was for Ben, to try to get him to come back to St. Louis and the family business. Sterling had talked Ben into coming with him to the meeting, and letís just say that sparks between Chloe and Sterling were not the only ones flying. Julia and Ben had an instant love/hate relationship. Can the challenge that Ben gives Sterling to save the station and to win the approval of Chloe all be done without Sterling using his name or his money?

This challenge sets up the rest of the story and just what Sterling/Trey has in store for the station. It is a reality tv show, and we know how things can happen on a tv show. This one is no exception, especially when Sterling and Chloe have to work together to put the show together from the beginning to the end.

Sinfully Sexy is a great story. It has a few twist and turns along the way. The attraction between Chloe and Sterling is like lightning from the beginning, and sparks fly whenever they are together no matter what they are doing. The story will have you smiling and laughing out loud at some of the things that are said and done, not only by the main characters but also by the secondary ones. We do get to see what Kate and Jesse are up to as well and start to see the relationship between Julia and Ben, which is the third and last story in the Sexy trilogy, Simply Sexy. If you havenít picked up Suddenly Sexy and Sinfully Sexy, what are you waiting on? Hurry to the nearest bookstore and pick them up.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Pam.

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