by Tanya Michaels

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-69208-0.
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1008
Mass Market Paperback

David Grant is moving back home thanks to the fact that AGI Voice Tech is moving their head quarters to Atlanta. David hopes to make vice president of the company, he has not only shown he can do the job but has worked very hard to do just that. But AGI is not his only motive for wanting to move back home, there is Serena too. He wants more than a one night fling with her. As far as David is concerned they are meant to be together.

Inventive Events is owned and run by Serena. She makes parties happen with great ideas. Her parents are divorced and it seems like she has a big heart for the artists in the area. Serena helps to support the artists. She has gone as far as to model for one of them. She also loves David, but as her best friend. She knows that one night fling was a mistake even though she wants him when they are in the same room. But she will do almost anything that needs to be done so they are not alone, even making herself unavailable.

While David is in Atlanta looking for a place to live, he has informed Serena of the up and coming changes in his life. Now Serena is really worried. How will she stay out of Davidís bed? David even goes as far as to request on behalf of Inventive Events for Serena to set up the party, which he plans to help her with. She really cannot say no for her company really could use the money and also the recommendation that will come from this. Even though Serena knows she has to build a larger wall to protect herself as well as her best friend from making love. Can she do it? Who will win? Does David win Serena or does Serena lose her best friend?

Going All The Way was a very amusing book. I enjoyed how Tanya Michaels brought them together. I hope that Tanya will be able to use some characters for another book. I would love to see David and Serena again as secondary characters.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Theresa.

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