by Lynn Michaels

February 2005
ISBN: 0-345-47600-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dory and Jill Lambert are daughters of privilege. However there the similarities between them come to a crashing halt. Dory considers herself to be the “ugly duckling” of the family, and doesn’t think she’ll ever be as beautiful as older sister Jill, so Dory relies on her brains to make her way. Jill on the other hand is a beauty and uses her looks to get what she wants out of life.

Unfortunately it is Jill and her somewhat self-centered ways that early on cause trouble for Dory. Jill cannot keep herself away from the chauffeur’s son Chase McKay. Dory trails after her sister finding out that she’s having a tryst with Chase. Dory’s heart isn’t the only thing that breaks that night…so does a birdbath that Dory knocked over while sneaking after Jill and Chase. The somewhat innocent act of following her older sister results in awakening Aunt Ping. That in turn ends up in both fathers finding out about the tryst, and the booting of Chase off of Outlook Farm.

Fast forward a bit, and Jill is again a fool over a man at Outlook Farm. This time his name is James Darwood . Again they are caught in a compromising position, and James is unlike Chase and when he’s booted off Outlook Farm he vows revenge.

Soon his plan is in full swing, and the Lambert family is almost penniless due to the actions of James. They are also under constant surveillance by the FBI, and life, as they knew it has changed drastically. Can things get any worse for the family?

The answer comes in the form of one precious little boy whose mother has recently died, and whose father is out of the picture, but is unfortunately James. It doesn’t take long for little Jamie to weave his way around Dory’s heart, and it’s an innocent conversation between the two that gives Dory the idea she needs to save Aunt Ping’s beloved Outlook Farm.

Chase’s father still lives and works at what is now known as Outlook Inn. The hotel the Lambert family has made of their farm in an effort to save their last few remaining assets.

What happens when Chase returns? Is he welcomed by all with open arms or does he find the welcome colder than the North Pole on Christmas Day?

Ms. Michaels continues to write stories that have characters that are easy to identify with. She also is sure to include at least one quirky character with whom we as readers can’t help but wish we could know in real life. Honeymoon Suite also gives us cameo appearances by characters from previous books, so we get an inkling of an idea how their lives are going.

Spring is in the air, and with that thoughts of love are blooming. Add Honeymoon Suite to your personal TBR pile, and I’m confident you won’t be disappoint

Reviewed in February 2005 by Sandi.

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