by Vanessa Hart

October 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-052-1
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Benjamin Travis was about to make a tough decision. After nights of cold dinners alone, falling asleep alone and always wondering what kept his wife so busy, he’s decided that enough is enough. She either makes time for him or he’s leaving.

Karen Travis was so exhausted when she finally made her way through the door from work that all she could think of was sleep. Her boss at the law firm always picked the end of the day to tackle something that would take hours to reach a resolution on. She is totally thrown for a loop when she walks in to discover that Ben has thrown one of her favorite dinners in the trash and he tells her that their marriage isn’t working and he’s moving out.

When Karen’s manicurist gives her a few ideas, Karen calls Ben and suggests that they meet at a cabin at Barren River for an insolated weekend away. However when Ben tells her that alone means no laptop, pda or cell phone, Karen hesitates and Ben hangs up.

Meanwhile Karen does some serious thinking about how busy she has been and about how long it’s been since she spent any time with her husband. After reading a magazine article about exotic sex tips, Karen hatches a plan to get Ben to spend the weekend with her as planned originally. However when Ben arrives, she realizes she has a harder job cut out for her than she thought.

Karen takes advantage of all the “new” ideas she learned from the magazine article and a few other places and eventually her and Ben end up forgetting all about the misunderstandings they were having when they enter the bedroom. However it seems as soon as they step out of the bedroom, the same problems continue to arise.

As a lot of romances do, this story will go backwards and forwards until it reaches a very satisfying end for everyone. I was a bit skeptical when I picked up this particular book because once again I figured any book only fifty pages long, would be rushed and possibly short on storyline. I was delightfully wrong. The characters were both likeable and I enjoyed watching them rediscover all the reasons they fell in love to begin with. For those of you who “crave” that spicy element, there is certainly plenty of that to sooth your craving as well.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Shelby.

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