by Meagan McKinney

November 2001
ISBN: 1-57566-787-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

In Meagan McKinney’s Moonlight Becomes Her, the reader finds some characters that have us cheering even though we oppose what they are doing, while other characters surprise us by unexpected actions. There is mystery, romance, and even a little “impropriety” to add some intensity to this saga.

While the heroine, Lady Moonlight, was disquieting, she was one that pulled at our sympathy. To the world she appeared to be nothing but a criminal who preyed on the wealthy, but underneath it all the reader is allowed to see a woman who has been taught this way of life and forced to live it, but longs to be free of it. As a reader, we have to feel empathy with Mystere, as she faces not knowing who she really is, trying to hide the fact that she is Lady Moonlight (even though Rafe has already found her out), making plans of escape, and all the while trying to keep Paul from discovering what it is that she is doing. The Lady Moonlight is a complicated and interesting character.

Our hero, Rafe, is as fascinating as Mystere. The author has given his character many different facets. He is the owner of a very successful company, yet carries a secret of his own. He has a grudge against the leader of the influential circle he has infiltrated known as the Four Hundred. Unknown to all in the circle, he has an agenda by which he plans to bring them down. The reader is allowed to see all of his plans and also the subtle change that begins to take place in him and his “agenda” as he falls in love with Mystere.

This was a very well written tale, however it started off a bit slow. It took some effort to stay focused through the first few chapters, but once it started to move it became captivating and I didn’t want to put it down. I hope that there is a second part in the making to answer the unresolved issues at the end of this one. Although it had a slow start and left a lot unresolved in the ending, the characters and content were interesting enough to make me want to read the sequel if there is one. I would also point out that there was no disappointment in the romantic ending of the novel. As in any good love story, our hero and heroine end up in each other’s arms as Rafe vows to help Mystere find the rest of the pieces to the puzzle.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Angela.

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