by Candace Schuler

February 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79011-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #7
Mass Market Paperback

When the butler held both hands out in front of his chest to illustrate "stacked", Reed Sullivan knew that his grandmother had invited another woman to be present at their weekly tea. Reed, being terribly eligible, was used to the parade of possibilities his wonderfully spry and loving grandmother trotted out for his delectation, and assumed that this was just the latest in a long line of potential granddaughters-in-law. Boy was he wrong!!

Zoe Moon was visiting Moira Sullivan to talk about Zoe's line of cosmetics; Moira was actually thinking of investing in the company. So it was natural that Reed, Moira's financial advisor as well as grandson, be included. What Reed didn't expect was a glorious Amazon of a woman - flame-colored hair cascading down to her lushly rounded assets and a sharp wit that tantalized his every emotion. His reaction to her was hot and immediate - and awkward, as soon as he concluded that she was a con artist out to bilk his grandmother!

Zoe herself was privately awestruck by this magnificent male specimen who appeared to regard her as the worst sort of money-grubbing sleaze who would try and fool an elderly woman into parting with some of her fortune. Zoe's temper was aroused along with her hormones!! The stage is thus set for an explosive encounter between irate fury and rampant testosterone overload!

If you enjoy sparkling dialogue, steamy sensuality and wonderful lovemaking, then you have to try Ms. Schuler's charming story of Zoe and Reed. It is too easy to stereotype both of them from our first glimpses - Reed, the stuffed shirt financier, and Zoe, the free-spirited organic child!! But they are both much more than they appear initially, and it's not long before we realize that Reed has a wild side to him and Zoe is much more levelheaded than she might seem! The pleasure of making these discoveries simply enhances the delightful tale that unfolds - nothing overtly complex in the way of plotting, but a wonderful look into the lives of two disparate characters and the way they deal with the passion that is growing between them - growing into something much more intense and shattering than just a lighthearted affair. This romance was published under the "Blaze" line, and it certainly lives up to its billing. Once Zoe and Reed surrender to their attraction, it's no holds barred, and the heat leaps off the pages! Fortunately, there is also warmth along with the heat - these are likeable characters and they behave in very human ways - sure there are mistakes made, but deep down, Reed and Zoe respect each other, and this makes them quite special. If you've a couple of hours to spend with a pair of wonderful lovers, then this is certainly the book for you!

Reviewed in February 2002 by Celia.

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