by Margrett Dawson

October 2004
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Margrett Dawson has written, Heat>/B> as a fast read and not only a romance but also a little mystery too.

Part time human, Sara Parker works in Africa at a game preserve where people come to see the animals and stay a day or two. There are times when Sara becomes a lioness known as Serah to the other lions. It seems someone has been poaching the elephants. The ivory is what they want and do not care what they have to do to get it. So when Sara is not doing her job during the day, she switches to protect the other animals and has help from her half sisters and well as other's in the pack.

Dr. Jack Wilding is arriving but will be staying much longer than a day or two. He is not only there because he feels the need to go where his parents had their honeymoon, but also where he was born. For the last few months Jack has not been felling well at all. He has been suffering flu like systems. His Dr. has advised him to take a vacation. He tells his Dr. that he is going to go to Africa, but it is really work related.

The minute Jack sees Sara there are sparks between the two. Sara knows she needs to mate with a human soon or she may not be able to switch back from her lioness side. And mate she does with Jack for she not only needs him, but wants him. While making love she notices that Jack has a same mark on his body that she does. But with her help Jack learns to switch and really likes it.

Sara tells Jack what he needs to do to switch. What to focus on. She also knows that she needs to protect the animals that are near the game preserves. So along with Jack and the rest of the pride they are able to hold the poachers until the Rangers arrive and arrest them.

I enjoyed this book but was not sure about why Jack just went along with the switch. He did not ask questions, and just followed along. For a Dr. you'd think he would have asked questions. I just felt too many things where left unsaid.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Theresa.

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