by Jaid Black

September 2004
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As commander of NASAís first deep space mission, Dr Alexandria Frasier, and her crew, sought out habitable planets and intelligent life forms throughout the far reaches of space. For the scientists aboard the Methuselah just two years have passed; whereas on Earth, fifteen hundred years have come and gone.

For a long time now terrifying dreams of a monstrous creature demanding her submission to his will have haunted Alex. When a debris field seriously damages the Methuselah and kills several crew members, the survivors, including Alex, are forced to crash land on Earth. They emerge unscathed from the wreckage on a drastically altered hostile planet that no longer resembles their home.

The inhabitants are at war with each other, and Alex and her friends are dragged into the middle of it all. Many surprises await the crew of the Methuselah, but for Alex specifically it seems as though her dreams are about to become reality.

Breeding Ground is an action packed sci-fi thrill ride from beginning to end. Although the romance between the characters is not as believable as it could have been, you will find yourself nodding in grudging agreement periodically. To reveal anymore of the plot will spoil it for you, so, I will simply say this: this book is not for the unimaginative as it relies on the readers creativity to succeed.

But donít take my word for it; see for yourself.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Cynthia.

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