by Leslie Kelly

March 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25972-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #872
Mass Market Paperback

One glimpse at the stranger across the room is all it takes for Lacey Clark to fall in lust.Who cares about name or character when instant sexual attraction strikes? Not Lucy! What a good fortune to have this stranger fall for her with only a tantalizing glimpse of her sexy g-string, and to progress to uninhibited sex on a trampoline.

What a bad fortune to have this fantasy lover turn out to be her very own nemesis. Yes, Lucy and the sexy stranger, Nate Logan are known for battling out their different opinions on the opposite sex. Lucy as a columnist for a woman's magazine and Nate for a men's magazine. With the whole city holding its breath in anticipation the two are send by their boss on a mission - together - to reveal exactly who and what rules in the dating game.

With Into The Fire Leslie Kelly has proven that one does not need to pick up a Harlequin Blaze when in need of a no holds sexual romp of a romantic comedy. Way more erotic than most of the currently available Blazes this Temptation 'Heat' proves irresistible with sturdy kitchen tables, ten-minute-kisses, sexy confessions on tape recorders and some very sexy lingerie.

It is Leslie Kelly at her very best and shows a talent that manages to pleasantly surprise with each new title, always improving and pushing the boundaries of conventional category/series titles a little further. Shared laughter and heated glances make Into The Fire not only empowering but leave me proud to be a woman and to be enjoying some snappy, sassy, outrageous, fast paced, fun, fun, fun!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Kris Alice.

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