by Lucy Monroe

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0858-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

The talented Lucy Monroe is certainly making a name for herself with her hot, sexy Brava releases. Her latest release 3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys give the reader 3 remarkable heroes to drool over.

Rand Alexander, Carter Sloane, and Colton Denning are three bad boy half-brothers that are about to meet the women of their dreams.

The first story, A Deal Is A Deal, features Rand Alexander. He is attending a swank charity event when he hears Phoebe Garrison proclaim that she would give up her rights to Luna Island for a week in Randís bed. Not one to turn a lady down Rand takes her up on her offer, as he wants the island for a business venture. Will a week be enough to convince the broken hearted Rand that he should open his heart to love again and build a life with Phoebe or will Phoebe have to make a weekís worth of memories last a lifetime?

Next up is Carterís Story. Carter and Phoebe were all set to marry four years ago when he called off the wedding at the last moment. Truth be known, the reason for his change of heart was stunning Daisy Jackson who had come to work for Sloane Electronics. Carter had fallen in lust with Daisy from the moment he laid eyes on her. He needs to marry in order to inherit all of his fatherís estate so Carter takes the biggest chance of his life and proposes marriage to the lovely Daisy. Is this temporary arrangement meant to last a lifetime or will Daisy take the half a million dollar marriage fee and start a new life without Carter?

Rounding out the book we have Coltonís Story. Colton Denning wakes up in Vegas with a naked showgirl in his bed having no idea how he got there. Not being one for long-term commitments Colton hightails it out of Sin City and heads to Mexico to meet his brothers to work on a business venture. Fayre soon follows Colton to Mexico and informs him they are married, she may be pregnant and, oh yea, she wants a divorce. Colton is floored because he can remember nothing about the hot Vegas night the two shared. Will the pair end up on a Mexican honeymoon or in a quickie divorce court? Grab a copy of this book and find out for yourself.

Lucy Monroe has created three charismatic couples in her latest release. She will definitely leave her readers wanting more. The sexual tension sizzles as the bad boys each find their true love and head to the alter. Ms Monroe has become a must buy for this reader and I am anxiously awaiting her next release. She is most definitely a star on the rise.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Barbara.

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