by Kristin Hardy

October 2004
ISBN: 0-373-79160-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #156
Mass Market Paperback

Trish Dawson gets a makeover; courtesy of her friend Cilla, to attend a costume party being thrown by mutual friend, Sabrina. At the party Trish attracts the eye of a handsome stranger. As the night proceeds, the straight laced Trish decides to cut loose and have an affair with the mysterious strangerÖthat is until the stranger removes his mask and reveals his identity to be none other than mega movie star Ty Ramsey, Sabrinaís cousin.

Sabrina has always warned her friends about her womanizing love-em and leave-em cousin Ty, so Trish rethinks her decision to let loose.

Ty is intrigued with Trish and wants to see more of her so he arranges to hire her as his personal assistant through her sisterís company, Amberís Assistants. As Trish shows up for the assignment and spends more time with Ty, she canít help but be smitten by the guy with the dashing good looks and winning personality. She rethinks her decision for a fling and the two soon become more than employer and employee. What consequences will this decision have for the couple? Will cutting loose prove to be the right move after all?

Cutting Loose the second installment of Kristin Hardyís Sex And The Supper Club series was fantastic. Cutting Loose/b> introduces up to the second couple of Ty Ramsey and Trish Dawson who are charming. Ms Hardy does a splendid job of showing that Ty is much more that the womanizing ladies man he portrays to the public. The sexual chemistry between the lead couple is blazing hot and will leave the reader wanting more. We also get another glimpse into the lives of the other members of the supper club. Whoís story will be the next to be told?

It takes great skill to write this type of ensemble story, as the writer must tell the story of not only the main couple but make the supporting cast interesting enough that the reader will want to return for the next installment of the series. Ms Hardy does an excellent job of doing this in her series. I canít wait to see who gets their story told in the next book, scheduled for a December release I believe.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Barbara.

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