by B.L. Dodson

October 2004
ISBN: 1-59088-342-X
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When Leydon Villiers, Viscount Amberley, places an advertisement for an editor to assist him in putting together his political journal, he eagerly awaits the arrival of his new employee, M. Morland. Nothing has prepared him for the startling revelation that the M in M. Moorland stands for Magdalen and for the fact that Magdalen is an exceptionally attractive young woman. Despite his objections to her sex, Leydon realizes that without Magdalen’s assistance, he cannot finish his journal, and without its completed success, he is in danger of financial ruin.

Magdalen Morland didn’t actually lie about her identity. It was more like she covered it up. But then again, she had no choice. She was almost penniless and had no place to live ever since her cousin Caleb and his wife had abandoned her after a scandal, which was not of her choosing. When times were tough, a person had to use what skills they had, and in Magdalen’s case, it was a pen. In no way shape or form did her sex in any way decrease her intelligence or writing ability. She would prove it even if it meant assuming a new identity.

As Magdalen and Leydon work together, they discover that they have much more in common than political ideas and a love of words. What they share is a love so strong and true that it dares to defy popular conventions and expectations. But not all people are partial to the truth, and the idea of Magdalen and Leydon having a happily ever after does not sit well with everyone. Sometimes a wolf will dress in sheep’s clothing to make an attack easier. Magdalen had best beware!

Because of her gentle nature and perseverance, Magdalen inspires admiration because she consistently stands tall in the face of adversity. Although Leydon occasionally comes across as cold and aloof, he is still a gentleman of the first rank. His regard for those he cares about, especially Magdalen, is enormous. The chemistry between this pair sizzles, and it’s an irresistible part of the novel.

Despite its length (this is not one of your shorter reads), Amberley is an attention holder. Readers will become so caught up in the lives of Magdalen and Leydon that they’ll find themselves unable to stop reading their story until the very end. Unfortunately at that same point, readers might also feel a little unfulfilled by a couple of unanswered questions, i.e. Geoffrey’s ability to get into financial trouble and the quick resolution regarding Magdalen’s locket. Even so, Amberley is still worth a read. It’s a spirited romance that is bound to make any reader a B.L. Dobson fan.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Natasha.

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