by MaryJanice Davidson

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0804-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Caitlyn James was out with her sorority sisters celebrating her twenty-fourth birthday. Being the responsible person that she is and realizing that everyone would likely be drinking; she hired a limo for the night. Due to circumstance beyond her control, there was an accident and Caitlyn was killed, or so everyone has been told. Her friends were injured but all survived.

Caitlyn has no immediate family. Her parents were killed when she was thirteen year old. She was raised by an Aunt who had died within the last two years. A government agency feels that they can rebuild her. She will have nanobytes in her head. She is the first cybernetic organism that is also human or so she has been informed by the medical people who have rebuilt her. Caitlyn will be able to run faster, jump higher and even throw people out of her way. Also her chips can hold information just like we can store things in our computers.

She now works for the Office of Scientific Findings (O.S.F.) and “The Boss” whom she hates. You name it and she has called him that name. He expects her to pay them back for keeping her alive, which she never asked for. She asks herself if she would rather be dead then having to be under The Boss’s thumb. But it is too late to change that.

It seems as if someone is killing off the Wagner team that rebuilt Caitlyn.

Now the Boss expects her to find and kill this person before the whole team is dead. Caitlyn is given a file and is taken to Paris. On the flight to Paris, she makes paper airplanes out of the file and the floor of the private jet is now covered in them. She does know who her subject is, but the Boss failed to tell her that is also a cybernetic organism, just an older model.

Dmitri Novakov is waiting for Caitlyn in the hotel room and he is able to turn her off. When she wakes up she is confused but listens to him. Dmitri is also known as the Wolf. This is who she is supposed to kill. O.S.F. thinks he is the one killing off the Wagner Team. Dmitri thinks it is Caitlyn.

Can the two of them work together to figure out who is killing who? At one time it Caitlyn’s best friend, Stacy, was a suspect. Is it someone close to the Boss or to the Wagner Team? What about the attraction between Dmitri and Caitlyn? If they act on it, will their cybernetics organisms make it impossible to enjoy each other?

When reading the prologue I knew that this was book was going to make me laugh out loud. Be prepared to explain yourself if you read it in public. Mary Janice Davidson has once again outdone herself. I would love to see another story with Stacy and The Boss. This book is going on my keeper shelf. I loved it!!!!!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Theresa.

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