by MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-1026-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

A weekend away for Ten Little Idiots by MaryJanice Davidson will keep you turning pages until the very end. The entire guest list and some staff are accounted for. Dana Gunn confesses to some of the guests …then locks herself in the room she has been assigned to. The question is who did she kill? Also who knocked the handy man, Turner on the back on the head? Is the nurse Cara able to help in any way. While trying to figure this out “Turner and Cara” find them sexually attracted to each other. Will they have the chance to act on it? Will all of them be able to figure out who died, why or does someone already have the answer to that question? Also will this sexual attraction turn into a long time commitment?

When Lani Burke deiced to take her friends up on a weekend away, she never thought she would hit a snow storm. After hours of driving she decides she needs a break at the very next place that she sees open. It is the town she will be staying in and the local bar. It is just her good fortune that she runs into the sexy Will DeMaio, home town contractor. Lani does something she thought she would never do and that is spending the night with Will. She has no idea if this will lead to any long time relationship. Lani does not care, the attraction is there and she will act on it. The next morning she walks out the back door and she sees a dead body. The two of them decided to figure out if it was a Wicked Women Whodunit or is it someone else? Is it someone who wants Will dead? Amy Gravey wrote a wonderful mystery Single White Guy.

Fast Boys by Jennifer Apodaca is a story that throws NASCAR driver Ark and a fan Tess, together. Tess realizes she will never be able to do anything about her feelings about Ark so her friends talk her into sending an email to her three best friends. It is something that they have always done. But Tess accidentally sends it to the man she is dating, Fred. Fred is a reporter and he uses Jess email to see if he can uncover the rumors on Ark Underwood. But Fred did not realize that Tess will not play along with his blackmail about her e-mail. She will make it right. But she never expected that Ark would help her. Also with his help they are able to figure out who killed Fred and why? Will Ark be able to shield Tess from the reporters? Once the word is out that the two of them are more than just friends, watch out! Will Ark remember the little girl that he once saved?

Nancy J. Cohen’s, Three Men and a Body will let you think one person is the killer when in reality it is another. Heather Payne gets the chance to win the bed and breakfast she has always wanted and she feels she is up to the challenge. She wants this win so she can bring her parents south to a warmer climate. Not only will it be good for them but it is her dream. One other contestant Rex Gerard wants to win too. He will not keep the house but sell it so he can captain his own charter fishing boat. The other contestants have their own dreams but there are rules to follow. Before you know it one person is dead and now the police are brought it. Everyone can tell you their whereabouts so the question is who the killer is. The show must go on. Heather is fascinated with Rex but their dreams are just so different. It is down to two contestants, Heather and Rex. Will someone sacrifice themselves for the other person? Who are the killer and the person who is causing trouble on the set? When the winner is picked the other person has to leave the house. Will the killer show him or herself than? Who will save who here?

Wicked Women Whodunit has some very tender moments in each story. I enjoyed each story as it played out. If I had to say that I had a favorite it would have to all of them. I hope that each author is able to use the secondary character in a future book as the main characters.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Theresa.