by Janelle Denison

April 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79037-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #33
Mass Market Paperback

A Wicked Seduction is definitely a Harlequin Blaze no doubt about it! From the first moment Jo and Dean meet the attraction between them is there, flaring brightly, sizzling and hot. Ms. Denison pushes to the extreme, probably as close to erotic as you can get! Needless to say, I highly enjoyed the story very much, at times making me smile and laugh out loud through to the very end.

The banter between Jo and Dean is also apparent from the first time they meet. Dean thinking Jo is a stripper (dressed in plain clothes) sent by his best friend for his birthday makes all kinds of sexual innuendos when she frisks him. But Jo, never letting him have the last say, comes back with verbal that is on track and hilarious! Jo, as a bounty hunter, takes Dean into custody for jumping his bail back in San Francisco. Dean is not worried - until Jo puts him in handcuffs and seatbelts him in the front seat of her suburban! He tries to convince Jo that there has to be some kind of mistake, but Jo has damning evidence that he couldn’t argue against. So Dean takes it all in stride waiting for the moment when he can get his name cleared.

The sexual banter continues throughout the book and it causes them many frustrations. Unlike Dean who cannot relieve his sexual tension and frustration while being a handcuffed prisoner, Jo can and does!!! But temporarily satisfying herself only makes her want Dean even more!

Jo is dealing with insecurities from a mistake two years ago when she was a cop. Since then, she no longer trusts herself or her instincts and has gone to work for her brother Cole as a bounty hunter. But circumstances forces Jo to reconsider Dean’s innocence - the suburban breaks down on their way back to San Francisco, leaving Jo stranded with Dean in the middle of nowhere. After Jo hears Dean’s side of the story, she, once again, relies on her instinct and removes his handcuffs.

Without the handcuffs, all bets are off!!! The rest of the trip back to San Francisco was purely sensual! If you let you imagination go wild, the image you come up with might – might! - get you close to what Janelle Denison has in store for you!

A Wicked Seduction is definitely a keeper! Ms. Denison was able to draw me into the story from the first, feeling what Jo and Dean felt as they go through their turbulent, sensual relationship. Believe me, I wish I could have felt everything that happened between them!! It definitely had my imagination going into overtime, thinking hmmmmm… maybe….

Reviewed in March 2002 by Pam.

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