by Anya Bast

September 2004
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Gabriel Letourneau is the almost four hundred year old Vampir charged with watching over Fate Harding for the past few years. Because of her psychic abilities she has been targeted by the Dominion, a race of shadowy vampiric entities that feed on humansógifted humans are especially sought after. Just when Gabrielís period of watchfulness is about to end Fate is viciously attacked, Embraced, and left on Gabrielís doorstep by unknown assailants.

When Fate awakens she is overwhelmed by the thirst for blood and sexóboth of which Gabriel is only too happy to satiate. He has craved the taste of her kiss for so long the opportunity is almost irresistible. However, Fate is wary of putting her trust in Gabriel seeing as it has been let down so many times in the past. But Gabriel takes on the role of mentor and tutors Fate in the ways of her new life. To be successful he will have to acknowledge that Fate means much more to him and to be that vulnerable may mean his end. For together they must discover who is out to get to Gabriel through Fate.

Anya Bastís second book in the tales of the Embraced, Blood of the Raven is sexy without being tacky, engaging without being trite, and romantic without being sappy. Toss in a little intrigue and you have a great recipe for success.


Reviewed in November 2004 by Cynthia.

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