by Jenna Mills

April 2002
ISBN: 0-373-27216-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1146
Mass Market Paperback

If you have looked for a romance novel a bit more on the darker side and with a bad-boy hero that is dangerous and unpredictable then look no further - Jenna Mills debut release Smoke And Mirrors delivers the goods.

In this fast paced, often dark, dangerous and very sensual story, nothing you believe can be taken for granted. Leaving Cassidy Blake, an undercover cop on a crusade to see millionaire Derek Mansfield behind bars for his alleged crime of being the mastermind behind a dangerous crime ring, more than a little out of breath. She isn't the only one. Holding my breath for most of the story, waiting for the tension to ease, the danger to fate and the sexual hunger to be sated.

Sexually charged right from the first moment, not just sizzling but scorching, Smoke And Mirrors presents Derek a modern day pirate and rebel, untamed, wild and irresistible. Get to know him better, and who wouldn't want to , and you find compassion, yearning and a wicked sense of humor. Sure you might, just like Cassidy, find yourself in a dangerous and seductive game of truth or dare, where two strong characters, strong in body and mind, come together in verbal exchanges that are an obvious foreplay to delicious delights still to come.

The characters' unwillingness to feel, the pull of passion, compassion and love, the promise of redemption, pulled me deeper and deeper into their story, their lives. Nothing could have stopped me from reading their story, and nothing did! The only hiccups were the heroine’s tendencies to find herself in situations where she needs rescuing. Not a particular trait I'm looking for in a heroine I want to identify with. But Cassidy does give as good as she gets. The often dark, painful and disturbing emotions and memories the characters have to live through make this a read you want to curl up with under a warm and protective blanket. Although a fan for those burning hot sex scenes, often fueled by jealousy and anger, might be necessary.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Kris Alice.

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