by Cherry Adair, Jill Shalvis, Julie Elizabeth Leto

March 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21437-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dare Me is one of those anthologies that has a certain “theme” and all the authors write tense novellas, in the same vein, and does a superb job of it. Each story has a bit of mystery, danger, fabulous characters and lots of sexual tension!

Danica (Dani) Cross is a flight attendant, who is currently on the flight “from hell”! The passengers consist of the majority of the cabinet of the President of San Cristobel, a South American country, and his very spoiled young son. All of the sudden, they hear a pop and the plane starts shaking. She heads down the aisle to try and calm the passengers and the President’s son jumps in her arms. As the plane starts going down somewhere in the Everglades, she realizes she is going to die and she is still very much in love with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Jon Raven. Raven still loves Dani and will stop at nothing to get to her, especially since he’s discovered someone checked her out of the hospital and took her to San Cristobel, of all places. Who checked her out? Why? Something’s going on and Raven doesn’t like it at all. He’ll find her, bring her home and make her realize that he’s Playing For Keeps. Cherry Adair gives us a fantastic story of love and redemption!!

In Jill Shalvis’ Nothing to Lose, we are introduced to Will Malone, DEA agent and the man who is going to see to the downfall of Mario Alvarez, aka the man who killed Will’s sister, and Jade Barrett, the woman who blew off Mario Alvarez, aka Tomas Manning, the man who “romanced” Jade’s bookkeeper into cleaning out all of her checking and savings accounts! He left her with a little surprise that she knows nothing about, but actually connects her to the reason for Will’s sister’s death. Does Will catch up to Mario? Why did Mario aka Tomas choose Jade for his next “victim”? What is the surprise? Does it have anything to do with the men that are chasing after Will and Jade?? This is a great story based on a hunky hero and a heroine who discovers she can do anything for the man she loves!

Dare to Desire by Julie Elizabeth Leto is the story of two spies, who used to be lovers, and the extent one man will go to in order to get back the woman he’s loved ever since she left him 10 years ago! Macy Rush fell in love with Dante Burke when she was a novice at ARM and after his betrayal, she left ARM and joined T-45 and has spent the years hardening her broken heart and becoming the best agent she can be. Now she’s back in the States and looks to buy a house in New Orleans that T-45 thinks may hold the key in averting a major worldwide crisis - only to find out that Dante and ARM bought it first. Dante wants to “bargain” with Macy about letting her in the house to search! Will Macy accept Dante’s bargain? Will Dante succeed in getting Macy back? Does the crisis get averted? Julie Elizabeth Leto gives us a terrific story of Dante’s attempt to re-gain the love he threw away and Macy’s developing trust and love.

This anthology comes highly recommended – these three authors will not let you down!!

Reviewed in February 2005 by PamL.