by Michele Albert

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-8502-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Cassie Ashford is a woman who has made that “one-in-a-billion” discovery in the paleontology community. However, as a commercial collector with no degree, she needs the assistance of her archenemy, Dr. Alex Martinelli, a University of Wyoming professor, to verify the find for her and write it up.

Cassie and Alex have a history – a most unpleasant history. As a holder of a PhD, Alex disagrees with the way Cassie does business. Cassie doesn’t have the departmental hassle and governmental red tape to cut through that Alex does; therefore she has more freedom. Along with that freedom, she has an uncanny “luck” of finding the important discoveries, though none important as this. Alex agrees to help Cassie on one condition, which Cassie readily agrees to!

Immediately after she leaves Alex, Cassie is almost ran off the road by someone. This is just the beginning of the strange things that start happening.

Cassie and Alex’s relationship starts to improve once they begin working closely together. They both discover that the things they “thought” they knew about each other were incorrect. The strange things keep happening, and they start getting more violent. Cassie doesn’t want to think that it’s anyone close to her, but no strangers have been around. When her discovery is stolen right from the lab and Alex is set up for the theft, Cassie knows it’s an inside job; she just doesn’t know who would do something like that to her. Everyone is family or very close to it!

Cassie and Alex are on the run from law enforcement and trying to catch the person responsible for the theft. Once they get captured by some bad guys, Cassie and Alex discover there’s only One Way Out. They must catch the criminals themselves in order to clear Alex’s name.

Michele Albert writes a fast-paced, suspenseful book that’s impossible to put down. This book has a kick-ass heroine and a hot, yummy hero who starts off to be something of a pain, but I loved watching Alex start to understand and appreciate Cassie! If you like suspense, mystery and action mixed in with your romance, this is THE book for you!!!!

Reviewed in February 2005 by PamL.

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