by Courtney Litz

October 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25073-8
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Trade Paperback

Lena Sharpe is a glorified do girl, aka a television producer. When sheís not catering to over pampered celebrities, Lena is busy daydreaming about her future. She canít even go out on a first date without picturing the guy as her husband, five years down the road with the kids in tow.

When her job introduces her to the attractive, wealthy writer Colin Bates, Lena believes sheís finally met Mr. Right and immediately places him upon a pedestal. For a while, it seems that the two are a perfect couple, partying with friends and enjoying comfortable evenings for two, but then suddenly, reality rears its ugly head.

No matter how nice they are, dreams arenít real. Itís time for Lena to stop telling stories and to start living her own.

Courtney Litzís Live from New York, Itís Lena Sharpe is a delightful double pleasure. Itís a laugh-out loud keeper of hope for the single but waiting girl and a thought provoking representation of friendship and love.

Lena Sharpe is an Ally McBeal/Bridget Jones combination. She is intelligent one moment, and the next, she is losing her focus in her latest outrageous fantasy. Lena is one character readers will find hard to forget. Her friends are the ones who balance her life out, and they add humor and warmth to the story.

Jake is the adorable but long suffering friend who has seen Lena through it all, the mood swings and the boyfriends. Even though his role in the novel is minimal, heís still a wonderful example of a caring male.

Because of the winning characters and the cleverly written plot, Live from New York, Itís Lena Sharpe was a pleasure to read. This reviewer will be first in line for Litzís next novel.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Natasha.

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