by Sarah Tucker

December 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25078-9
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Trade Paperback

Sarah Tucker is back with the clever sequel to her smashing debut novel, The Last Year of Being Single. This time around in The Last Year of Being Married, our feisty heroine Sarah Giles is learning that finally getting him to say “I do” is not always a good thing.

After seven years of marriage and a wonderful little boy named Ben, Sarah decides that her husband must definitely be an alien because he isn’t the same Paul she married. This Paul bathes regularly, buys new designer underwear weekly, and is insisting that he needs his own house (space). Something is definitely going on with him, but Sarah isn’t sure what.

After a while, she realizes that Paul is having an affair and to make it worse, it’s with a woman who shares her name. It’s not exactly like Sarah can complain though because for her efforts in the past, she herself would hold top adulterer honors in the marriage. But complain she does because she’s not going out without a fight. She’s smart enough, pretty enough, and dammit, she and Paul have a beautiful boy together. Sarah’s last year of being married just might be her best year yet.

Sarah Tucker is starting to prove that she’s an Incomparable as far as writers go. Everything she pens is riveting yet still so very real. Tucker dares to go where so few fiction writers tread – the real world. Even fewer can carry it off with effortlessly charm while talking about the darker sides of love like adultery and divorce. It is here that Tucker excels by creating moving narratives that invoke not only sympathy and tears but also laughter.

Notwithstanding her faults, Sarah Giles is a devoted spunky mother. Readers will find it easy to empathize with her situation even if they haven’t read this novel’s predecessor. Sarah Giles is such a remarkable character that readers will also be hoping for a third novel about Sarah’s life.

The Last Year of Being Married may be the first book you’ll read by Sarah Tucker, but it definitely won’t be your last.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Natasha.

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