by Sally Sorenson

September 2004
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Violet had inherited the family farm from her father. It seems he left the entire farm to her and nothing to her brother or sister. The farm was not making any money; she owes back taxes and mortgage. So she came up with the idea of a Renaissance Faire for some quick income to try and keep the farm afloat; otherwise there would not be a farm or even the one employee, Will, will be out of a job.

Of course, Violet did not discuss any of this with Will. She told him when she finally arrived at the farm and the plan had already been set into motion. Will was not happy about it at all, but he did come to realize it was the faire or he would be looking for another job really soon.

Violet is a klutz and she seems impulsive, well, she is as she doesnít seem to think of everything that can go wrong only the end result. She does have a good heart and her heart seems to be tugging for Will. Will is ready to settle down or at least buy a farm of his own, work it and hopefully get married. Will is his own man and he doesnít like to be told how to run his life without his input, which Violet seems to try to do a lot.

Violet and Will settled into a routine before the faire started and it changed little after it began. Well, it did put them in the same house as Violet didnít think of the chef having his own place. So that leaves Will moving into the house, oh, it took Violet some major begging but he finally gave in.

The attraction between Violet and Will is there from the very beginning. Neither one of them wanted to act on it, they didnít want to upset the routine they had established. Violet had some issues to deal with and it seemed that Will would be the end to some of them, if only she would tell him what was going on.

I enjoyed Allís Faire by Sally Sorenson. It was fun to see what Violet would do next and how Will would try to get her out of whatever she had gotten herself into. The secondary characters add a delightful backdrop to the romance between Violet and Will. The Faire also adds elements of romance not only for Violet and Will but a few other characters as well. We canít forget about the farm and if Violet will be able to keep it or not, or if her brother will win the case and make her sale. The story did hold my attention, but I felt the ending was rushed compared to the rest of the story. It seems the Faire ended and then we only get to hear about what had happened a few months after the fact in the few pages at the end, instead, of reading them as it takes place.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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