by Janet Mills

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59374-108-1
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When reading Nothing Less Than Love by Janet Mills I enjoyed an old time romance. What a wonderful love story this book was.

Catherine Campbell, a spinster school mistress is still living with her Father, who is the Sheriff of the town Rocklin, located in Wyoming Territory. Catherine is not only a loving daughter but a very well liked school teacher.

Luke Matthews is a cowboy who is helping to bring in the Texas cattle from the trails. As Luke and the others are doing this, there is panic in the streets. The cattle are moving a little to fast and that is when Lucke meets Catherine for the first time. He saves her from the horns of a bull. Also, as he is saving her, she is moving and he brushes against her breast. Of course everyone in Rocklin saw it, but nothing was said. Catherine and Luke were attracted to each other and her father was not happy about this at all. When Catherine went to visit with her best friend, Luke was already there and working for them on the Ranch. When Catherine’s father found out, he had the answer to keep her close to home, a wanted poster of Luke for robbing a bank. So he went and got Luke, threw him in jail and before Catherine could get home, he had Luke taken to the town where the bank was robbed. Luke, wanting to clear his name, went to the jail, and the town Sheriff put him behind bars until the witness could come forward (mind you the witness was out of town). While Luke was in jail, he paid another person who was being released to let Catherine know where he was; and that is when he finds out she is to be married to another. Catherine thought Luke had died or did not love her. He does not know that Catherine still loves him and is only doing this so she can have her own home.

In another town Mary Katherine and her daughter Jessica arrive on a train to meet up with her new husband, Lincoln Richards. Unknown to Lincoln that he even had a wife, let alone a child from another man. He thinks his sister has played a cruel joke on him. When in reality, Lincoln has signed the papers to give proxy for the marriage. He lets Mary stay at his Ranch for one night and they never really left. Now Lincoln, whom is not sure of what he is feeling except he has no control over his feelings for Mary, robs a bank, plus he kissed the Bankers wife. When Lincoln confesses his love to Mary, he also confesses that he robbed the bank. Mary says he must give the money back. Also she insists that he pay back double, which he does.

While Lincoln is confessing his feeling for Mary, the bankers wife says that Luke is not the man who kissed her and robbed the bank. So Luke is set free and given some money from the banker for the trouble that has been caused to him.

Luke has to gone home to heal his broken heart. While there, his Dad passes away. Luke is talking about moving on, but he knows he will have to go get his horse, gun and his belongings that he left at the last Ranch he worked at. Also, there is a secret that his Mother has kept from him. He has a twin, which Luke finds. There are a few tense moments but all is well with his brother, so now he is off to Rockin. When arriving, he runs into Catherine’s Dad whom informs him he is not to go near Catherine. Luke has no intention of doing that, she is a married woman. Luke gets his horse and gun, but learns that Catherine has his other belongings, so he must face her. He goes to Catherine and that is when he finds out she did not marry. She could never marry for Nothing Less Than Love.

I enjoyed this book allot. I normally do not like books that are historical but Janet Mills made this a very interesting story. I thought there might be twins but figured the one Luke was seeing had died at birth. This is a keeper, but I will be happy to share it too.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Theresa.

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