by Wendy Markham, Lynn Messina, Daniella Brodsky

October 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19896-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Never on a Sundae is a new anthology written by some of the hottest voices in Chick Lit. All of the stories are set in New York and have a diner named Sundae’s prominently featured. It is the diner that ties all the stories together. Each of the stories features a single woman at a turning point in her life. I feel confident that the majority of readers will be able to find at least one of these women with whom she can identify.

The lead of story is called What You Wish For and is Wendy Markham’s contribution. Delaney is engaged to be married, and is struggling with cleaning out her apartment. As she finally begins the dejunking phase she discovers a key buried deep in a desk drawer. The key only enhances the feeling of cold feet that Delaney is suffering from. The key sets her off on a journey of discovering to whom it belongs. Along the way she rediscovers her previous three relationships, and with the perspective that can only be gained from a distance begins to understand how they have led her to this point in her life. In the end Delaney discovers a very important truth. I unfortunately cannot tell you what that is. You’ll have to read this story for yourself.

The middle story was written by Lynn Messina, and unfortunately was the story I enjoyed the least. It’s entitled Lola Was Here. Lola is an internationally acclaimed photographer. How she got that way was an accident, and now after being wildly successful she is concerned that she’s out of inspiration. I will tell you that Lola gets something of a happy ending, but to find out just how you’ll again have to read for yourself.

The final story in the anthology is written by Daniella Brodsky and is entitled The Waitress. I felt this was a rather uplifting tale of overcoming the death of a loved one. Again Sundae’s is featured prominently because Kate is a successful author who also happens to be a waitress at the restaurant. Her tale is rather sad, and yet after somewhat resigning herself to living her life alone she too gets her happy ending.

Never on a Sundae would make a nice addition to the library of a true chick lit fan.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Sandi.