by Veronica Chase

September 2004
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Would you be a slave at a BDSM auction if it was for a good cause? Well, this is what Roxanne does. The auction is for a good cause so she decides why not since she will only be a ďslaveĒ for a few hours anyway. She isnít into kink or BDSM or so she thinks.

Roxanne doesnít know who the person was who bought her at the auction. He was wearing a full head mask so she could only see his eyes and nothing else. She didnít even know his hair color. All she knew was his name, Simon. By the end of the session, Roxanne knew she wanted to see more of her ďmasterĒ, but she knew that would not happen.

But Roxanne did change from the experience. She wanted to be a slave to Simon even though she did not know who he was. Her experience didnít end though with the auction; somehow it followed her to her home and work.

Simon Says gives you a little glimpse into BDSM. It also reminds us to never say we donít like something until we have tried it, because you just might end up liking it after all. That is exactly what happens to Roxanne. We were able to see what Roxanne was thinking and feeling along the way from the auction to the very end of the story. We didnít learn anything about Simon along the way. Simon Says was all about Roxanne and her feelings and the discoveries she made about herself. If you have a little time to spare, then pick up Simon Says.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Pam.

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