by Janelle Denison

June 2001
ISBN: 0-373-79016-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #12
Mass Market Paperback

Erica McCree likes to talk about sex. A lot. Always at night! And she likes to talk about it with people she's never met and can't see! Yes, Erica is a late-night talk show host on radio station WTLK in Chicago, and her program is appropriately titled "Heat Waves". Her ratings have been climbing lately, largely thanks to one caller, Ian, whose velvet voice has seduced listeners and host alike.

For several weeks, Ian and Erica have regularly conversed about that evening's topic - covering everything from foreplay to "what turns you on" and the chemistry between them has been getting hotter and hotter. Erica has realized that just knowing the next call will be Ian's gets her heart rate up and her palms sweaty and Ian knows that his evening won't be complete without his conversation with the woman who fills his thoughts!

And then the inevitable happens - Ian asks for a date... on the air!! From this point on, Heat Waves lives up to its name, as Erica and Ian fall deeper into the sensual hole they have dug for themselves. Of course, Ian is gorgeous and wealthy (this is fiction, remember? It was a sure bet he wouldn't be the couch potato with the grubby tee shirt and third-floor walk-up apartment!) and is a financial analyst (you were expecting a plumber?). Erica and Ian's romance is incorporated into the radio station's quest for higher ratings, and the couple find themselves in the unique position of having a public romance and a private affair - and trying to keep both separate.

This book is a great deal of fun to read - both Ian and Erica are very likeable characters; Erica is the kind of heroine we'd like to be, bright, intelligent, opinionated, and beautiful (of course). Ian has past history to deal with, which adds just enough motivation to his character for us to understand his situation. However, it's Erica who really grabs us, with her all-too-human insecurities and needs, and her attempts to reconcile her heart's desire with her past experiences. She's sexually stifled until Ian comes along and shows her just what kind of fire is lying hidden inside her - and their private dealings are spicy and erotically exciting! Ms. Denison really knows how to heat up the pages!!

It's easy to slip into this affair along with Ian and Erica, thanks to some fine, crisp writing and perfect pacing. A couple of delightful secondary characters play their roles admirably, and the settings in Chicago are just ideal - I have never been to Chicago, so will trust they are also accurate. This was my first Janelle Denison book, but you can bet your best lace teddy it won't be the last!

Reviewed in February 2002 by Celia.

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